LawBreakers struggling at launch

LawBreakers, the new multiplayer-only first person shooter from Boss Key Productions (the child of noted developer CliffyB) has released this week, and is already struggling to maintain a player base. The game, which involves players killing each other in areas with really messed up gravity, is another in a recent wave of games that have largely eschewed single player modes, instead betting upon the popularity of its multiplayer, which going by its first few days, may have been a pretty serious mistake.

lawbreakers 2.jpg

© Boss Key Productions

As first reported by GITHYP, at launch, the game failed to make much of a dent in the Steam most played list, struggling to even enter the top 100, with the title peaking at 3000 concurrent players on launch night, which, for a brand new multiplayer only game is fairly poor. For LawBreakers, this is especially poor considering the game has experienced a 60% drop in players from its beta, and has fairly strong reviews thus far. Even more embarrassingly for the game, it is failing to even match the starting numbers of last year’s Battleborn, which until now has been the epitome of a flop.

lawbreakers 3.jpg

© Boss Key Productions

Ironically enough, LawBreakers attempted to prevent this exact scenario a few months before launch, with the title moving away from being free-2-play to instead being a more typical shooter with a one-off price tag, but this has clearly failed. If the game has struggled to gain a strong playerbase this early on, then the future does not look bright for this new IP.

Hot Take: LawBreakers is yet another multiplayer-only game that has failed to make much of an impact with gamers. This, along with other high profile flops like Battleborn, seem to show that gamers don’t really want to pay for a multiplayer-only game (unless of course it has a really BIG developer like Blizzard or Valve behind them). It’s a shame, especially considering that LawBreakers concept is actually pretty cool, and can make for some pretty fun gameplay. This genre used to be seen as one of the biggest new genres to hit the games industry in some time, yet disasters like Battleborn and apparently now LawBreakers seem to suggest maybe this was never really what gamers wanted.

Joe Clarke 


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