Valve announced a new game! (But don’t get too excited)

During this week’s big DOTA 2 tournament, the International, Valve proclaimed that they would finally be announcing a new game. Fans all over the world got so excited. What would it be? Left 4 Dead 3? Portal 3? Maybe even the elusive Half Life 3??? Well, it was none of them. It was something WAY less interesting- a DOTA card game called Artifact.

Following in the footsteps of so many different franchises in recent years, the title will be a collectible card game, much akin to Blizzard’s wildly popular Hearthstone, as well as other attempts to copy this formula, such as The Witcher series spin-off, Gwent, and the Elder Scrolls Legends.

Artifact is going to be entering into an increasingly crowded marketplace, with so many different games fighting for some marketshare. It will, however, have the advantage of being associated with Valve and DOTA, two of the most popular brands in the world of gaming, which will surely attract plenty of interest.

Artifact will release in 2018, with no platforms announced so far.

Hot Take: Although it is good to see Valve finally making a game again, it would be best to not take this as a wider sign of them getting back into the game-making business. Despite rabid fan interest in sequels to Valve’s popular titles, the company seem to have no interest in actually making these games. They have successfully created a monopoly in terms of PC gaming’s digital marketplace, so, financially, have no need to ever make another fully fledged game again. Artifact may be something for fans, but this absolutely does not mean you should be expecting Half Life 3 any time soon. Or ever. Maybe give up on those dreams…

Joe Clarke


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